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  • 2:05

    Exporting your information requirements to an Excel file is a powerful way to communicate your project’s data needs.

  • 2:05

    Cobuilder Link allows users to export a specific set of properties in a format that’s compatible with Autodesk Revit. This feature makes it easier to bring essential data into your Revit projects.

  • 4:05

    Cobuilder Link’s “Enrich IFC Model” feature enables you to enrich IFC files by adding alphanumeric information requirements to IFC entities, along with Object classifications.

  • 3:43

    The Information Delivery Specification (IDS) export feature empowers users to export information requirements in a standardized, machine interpretable format.

  • 1:13

    Need specific documents? Cobuilder Link empowers you to request the type of document that must be delivered.

  • 1:12

    After selecting an object in the “Add new LOIN” page, you can choose the properties that must be delivered. Here are your options:

  • 0:49

    Documentation information requirements is vital in the construction industry.

  • 0:23

    In the world of information delivery and exchange, roles matter. Define provides a list of responsible roles or users for information delivery.

  • 0:27

    Why are you gathering this information? Specify it with “Purposes”.