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Create New Information Requirements

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

Ready to add a new information requirement? Simply click on “Add new LOIN.” On the creation page, you have the power to specify the details:

Milestone: Specify when the information is needed.
Purpose: Clarify the reason for gathering this information.
Actors: Identify the party responsible for delivery.
Object: Define the specific object for which the information is required.
Group of Objects: Categorize objects for more organized management.
Document Type: Select the required document type based
Properties: choose what properties will be required about the selected object/objects

Alphanumerical Information Requirements

After selecting an object in the “Add new LOIN” page, you can choose the properties that must be delivered. Here are your options:

Properties Related to Prerequisites: A shortlist of properties that are relevant in the Define data dictionary for your selected combination.

Properties Related to Objects: Properties from the Data Dictionary that are associated with  the selected objects.

All Define Properties: The full list of properties from the Define data dictionary.

Each property comes with its attributes such as Description, Unit, Mappings to classifications, Enumerated values, and more. You can even edit Enumerated Values after selecting a Define property for your information requirement.

To create an Alphanumerical requirement, you need to select an object, at least one property, and at least one of the prerequisites, be it Milestones, Purposes, or Actors. The selected properties will be required for all selected objects.

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